In Nigeria, GOLDFISH OFFSHORE AND LOGISTICS SERVICES is committed to the Federal Government’s Nigerian Content Development policy which seeks to promote a framework that guarantees active participation of Nigerians in oil and gas activities without compromising standards; focusing on the promotion of value addition of Nigeria through the visualization of local raw materials, products and services in order to simulate growth of indigenous capacity. In a bid to support the actualization of the Federal Government’s goal; it is GOALS policy to:

  • Employment mostly Nigeria personnel. Where it is necessary to employ non-Nigerian personnel, a knowledge Transfer training plan will be put in place to ensure that there will be competent Nigerian personnel to take over from the non-Nigerian.
  • Engage the services of mostly Nigerian Sub-Contractors an/or suppliers. This relationship should benefit and develop such contractors in the long term.
  • To institute a staff training and development program for different cadres of staff and endeavor to achieve at least 75% of our annual training plan target.

In the UK, local content laws are strictly adhered to. This also applies wherever we have our presence.